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The Washington School Grade Evaluation

The Washington School offers a comprehensive K-12 education based on a Costa Rican academic calendar system, while providing a U.S-based instrution. Our school maintains an internacional university/college preparation curricum (9-12th grade) in conjunction with a Costa Rican middle/high school curriculum (6-12th grade) that meets the requirements for the Costa Rican Ministry of Public Education (MEP-Ministerio de Educacion Pnblica) to obtain a Costa Rican bachillerato or high school certificate. These two “tracks” (2 semesters or 4 quarters) of high school education can be taken simultaneously,without any interruption. However, those who decide to take both tracks will have a slightly adjusted course load in order to prepare for standardized tests.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Learning:

For students who require ESL learning and other language needs, the Washington School faculty provides support to get students on track with their peers.

Costa Rican Requirements for the Bachillerato (24 Total Academic Credits)

  • 6 year program (7th grade thtough 12th grade)
  • Obtain a 9th grade certificate of completion in order to take the bachillerato test in the 12th grade. *Note: In order to receive the 9th grade certificate of completion, students must not have any withdrawn materials or failed subjects.

Art (1 credit)  P.E (2 credits)  English (4 credits)   Sciences ( 4 credits) Mathematics (4 credits)    Social Studies (4 credits)     Music  (1 credit) Spanish Composition/Literature (4 cerdits)

International | American Requirements for college university (24 Total Academic Credits)

  • 4 year program (9th grade through 12th grade).
  • Obtain the high school requirements for application to the most internacional and U.S colleges and universities, as well as preparation for standardized tests such as the AP exams, Honors program (English, Science,So.St,  Math, and Costa Rican Math) SAT I, SAT II Subject Tests, and TOFEL.

Art (1 cerdit)  Music (1 cerdit)  Electives (3 credits)  P.E (2 credits) English (4 credits)  Science (3 credits)    Mathematics (3 credits) Social Studies (3 credits) Spanish Comp/Literature (4 credits)

CR MEP Bachillerato

  • Art 10 grade (1 Credit), Electivas 11-12 grade (0 Credit), English 9-12 (4credits)
  • Mathematicas 8-12 grade (4Credits), Music 9-10 (1Credit),P.E9-10 (2Credits)
  • Science 9-11 (4Credits), Social Studies 9-12 (4Credits), Spanish 9-12 (4Credits)

Total Academic Credits: 24

US High School Credits

  • Art 10 grade (1 Credit),  Electivas 11-12 grade (3 Credits )
  • English 9-12 grade (4 Credits),  Mathematicas 8-12 grade ( 3Credits)
  • Music 9-10 grade (1 Cerdit),P.E 9-12 grade (2 Credits),Science 9-11grade (3 Credits)
  • Social Studies 9-12 (3 Credits) Spanish 9-12 grade (4 Credits)

Total Academic Credits: 24