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Washington American School (WAS) is a private international English speaking school educating preschool through high school students. Washington American School is accredited by, and in good standing with, the Ministerio de Educación de Costa Rica. While adhering to all Costa Rican educational standards, Washington American School is simultaneously following a United States curriculum allowing students to receive both a United States and a Costa Rican based curriculum to prepare students for colleges and universities in the United States, Costa Rica and other countries. WAS recognizes each individual as having infinite possibilities of success. In small, student-centered classes, teachers address individual needs. The emphasis is on the acquisition of critical thinking skills to promote high academic and creative archievement.  The goal is to help students become life-long passionate learners who are concerned and responsible participants in their communities.

Mission Statement

Washington American School provides a quality, well-rounded education for pre-school, elementary, and middle-high school students. Our objetive is to promote the incentives for scholarship, character and personality though individual attention.

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E-mail: | Tel:(506) 2215-2103