Washington School


¡Welcome to the Washington School!

At the Washington School, we are dedicated to preparing all of our students K-12 for academic excellence and global citizenship. We believe there is a strong correlation between positive behavioral conduct and strong academic achievement. With more than eight different languages and twelve different countries represented in our student body, we are a testament to multicultural diversity: one that engenders compassion, understanding and a holistic view of the world.

High School Program

The Washington School offers a comprehensive k-12 education based on a Costa Rican academic calendar system, while providing a U.S. based instruction. Our school maintains an international university/college preparation curriculum (9-12th grade) in conjunction with a Costa Rican middle/high school curriculum (6-12th grade) that meets the requirements for the Costa Rican Ministry of Public Education (MEP – Ministerio de Educación Publica) to obtain a Costa Rican baccalaureate (bachillerato) or high education can be taken simultaneously, without any interruption. However, those who decide to take both tracks will have a slightly adjusted course  load in order to prepare for standardized tests.


The elementary school curriculum at the Washington School includes pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Instruction in all academic areas is provided by the classroom instructor through of young learners are met through explicit instruction and attention.

There are four major subject areas which are taught in the elementary school. These subjects consist of English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. The head of school and administration are committed to providing a world class curriculum for the children to prepare them to be successful in the 21st century and beyond.

Board of Directors

Executive Director:  Msc. Jose Joaquin Paniagua

Admission Director: CFO. Alexander P.L

Administrative Manager: Licda. Maria Aragon

Board of Director: Kimberly B.S

Chief Accountant: Lic. Gabriela Arroyo.

Legal Advisor: Abo. Jorge Chacón V.

Judicial Payment Advisor: Abo. Arnoldo Solano Rodríguez.

E-mail: was.ad2016@gmail.com | Tel:(506) 2215-2103